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Indigo Saturday: I Really Miss Live Music

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Omg, you are Nick Cave fan 😱 now i love you even more. He is just my favourite ever since I was a child. I can never get bored of his music.
Honestly can have him on loop all day.
I saw him live once, in 2005 i believe it was. . .he had such a presence. He was holding the space for thousands of people, while bwing so effortlessly cool. I totally have a crush on him 😅
We gotta go see him live together somewhere really nice 🙌🏻🙏🏻💜

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How cool would that be. He is effortlessly cool and extraordinary live!!! Glad to find another fan, that's awesome

Wierdly just saw that his son from a previous relationship died in Melbourne about a week ago. Fuck. Bit sad!!!

My best mate is a full on Vipassana teacher and follows dharma intensely. But Nick Cave is her weakness.. she can be on a sixty day silent retreat and have him loud in her head for days 😂

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Oh my god that made me laugh 😂 not even the silent meditation can stop Nick Cave 🙌🏻

And yes, really sad about his son. He channeled a lot of that ito his two latest album.

Omg one of his other sons died a week ago!!! Just read...

omg😱 i totally missed this somehow. . .wow, I can't even imagine. . .losing two of your sons. . .bless, let's send him some love 💜